sfont.h File Reference

SoundFont plugins. More...

Data Structures

struct  _fluid_sfloader_t
 SoundFont loader structure. More...
struct  _fluid_sfont_t
 Virtual SoundFont instance structure. More...
struct  _fluid_preset_t
 Virtual SoundFont preset. More...
struct  _fluid_sample_t
 Virtual SoundFont sample. More...


#define fluid_sample_refcount(_sample)   ((_sample)->refcount)
 Get the reference count of a sample.
 Flag for fluid_sample_t sampletype field for mono samples.
 Flag for fluid_sample_t sampletype field for right samples of a stereo pair.
 Flag for fluid_sample_t sampletype field for left samples of a stereo pair.
 Flag for fluid_sample_t sampletype field, not used currently.
#define FLUID_SAMPLETYPE_ROM   0x8000
 Flag for fluid_sample_t sampletype field, ROM sample, causes sample to be ignored.



Some notification enums for presets and samples.


Detailed Description

SoundFont plugins.

It is possible to add new SoundFont loaders to the synthesizer. The API uses a couple of "interfaces" (structures with callback functions): fluid_sfloader_t, fluid_sfont_t, and fluid_preset_t. This API allows for virtual SoundFont files to be loaded and synthesized, which may not actually be SoundFont files, as long as they can be represented by the SoundFont synthesis model.

To add a new SoundFont loader to the synthesizer, call fluid_synth_add_sfloader() and pass a pointer to an fluid_sfloader_t structure. The important callback function in this structure is "load", which should try to load a file and returns a fluid_sfont_t structure, or NULL if it fails.

The fluid_sfont_t structure contains a callback to obtain the name of the SoundFont. It contains two functions to iterate though the contained presets, and one function to obtain a preset corresponding to a bank and preset number. This function should return a fluid_preset_t structure.

The fluid_preset_t structure contains some functions to obtain information from the preset (name, bank, number). The most important callback is the noteon function. The noteon function should call fluid_synth_alloc_voice() for every sample that has to be played. fluid_synth_alloc_voice() expects a pointer to a fluid_sample_t structure and returns a pointer to the opaque fluid_voice_t structure. To set or increment the values of a generator, use fluid_voice_gen_set() or fluid_voice_gen_incr(). When you are finished initializing the voice call fluid_voice_start() to start playing the synthesis voice.

Define Documentation

#define fluid_sample_refcount ( _sample   )     ((_sample)->refcount)

Get the reference count of a sample.

Should only be called from within synthesis context (noteon method for example)

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Some notification enums for presets and samples.


Preset selected notify.


Preset unselected notify.


Sample no longer needed notify.

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