File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
audio.hFunctions for audio driver output
event.hSequencer event functions and defines
fluidsynth.hFluidSynth is a real-time synthesizer designed for SoundFont(R) files
gen.hFunctions and defines for SoundFont generator effects
log.hLogging interface
midi.hFunctions for MIDI events, drivers and MIDI file playback
misc.hMiscellaneous utility functions and defines
mod.hSoundFont modulator functions and constants
ramsfont.hAPI for creating and managing SoundFont instruments in RAM
seq.hMIDI event sequencer
seqbind.hFunctions for binding sequencer objects to other subsystems
settings.hSynthesizer settings
sfont.hSoundFont plugins
shell.hCommand shell interface
synth.hEmbeddable SoundFont synthesizer
types.hType declarations
voice.hSynthesis voice manipulation functions
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