Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_fluid_gen_tSoundFont generator structure
_fluid_mod_tModulator structure
_fluid_preset_tVirtual SoundFont preset
_fluid_ringbuffer_tLockless event queue instance
_fluid_rvoice_buffers_tRvoice mixer-related parameters
_fluid_rvoice_dsp_tRvoice parameters needed for dsp interpolation
_fluid_rvoice_envlfo_tRvoice ticks-based parameters These parameters must be updated even if the voice is currently quiet
_fluid_rvoice_eventhandler_tBridge between the renderer thread and the midi state thread
_fluid_rvoice_tParameters needed to synthesize a voice
_fluid_sample_tVirtual SoundFont sample
_fluid_sfloader_tSoundFont loader structure
_fluid_sfont_info_tStructure used for sfont_info field in fluid_synth_t for each loaded SoundFont with the SoundFont instance and additional fields
_fluid_sfont_tVirtual SoundFont instance structure
_fluid_synth_channel_info_tChannel information structure for fluid_synth_get_channel_info()
fluid_cmd_tShell command information structure
fluid_event_channel_int_tStructure for an integer parameter sent to a MIDI channel (bank or SoundFont ID for example)
fluid_event_gen_tSoundFont generator set event structure
fluid_event_preset_tPreset channel assignment event structure
fluid_event_queue_elem_tEvent queue element structure
fluid_event_repl_tuning_tTuning replacement event structure
fluid_event_set_tuning_tTuning assignment event structure
fluid_event_unref_tuning_tTuning unref event structure
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